A world first advance in cancer support for men with prostate cancer online.

PROSTMATE provides men with personalised, specialist support online and provides a private portal where they can track their progress before and after treatment. Members also have the opportunity to participate in interventions that will enhance their wellbeing and provide vital research information to shape the future care of men with prostate cancer.

The need for this revolutionary online clinical system was driven by men with prostate cancer who experienced limited access to tailored information and clinical support during their difficult prostate cancer journey.


  • Provides patients and their partners with early intervention and self-management strategies.

  • Provides specialist online clinical consultations for all men, including those living in regional and rural Australia to improve the equity of access and personalised care.

  • Captures valuable patient reported data for population research that will lead to improved models of support.

  • Offers a multidisciplinary, collaborative platform for enhanced care including interaction between peak bodies, GP’s, urologists, oncologists, nurses and family members.

PROSTMATE is the result of a national collaboration involving leaders in each discipline of prostate cancer. The coordinating organisation Australian Prostate Cancer Research is a national body established to deliver national, collaborative research programs that will make a real impact in the lives of men with prostate cancer: www.prostatecancerresearch.org.au

Program Management:

  • Dr Addie Wootten, Clinical Psychologist & eHealth Research Manager, Australian Prostate Cancer Research

  • Mr David Blashki, PROSTMATE Co-ordinator, Australian Prostate Cancer Research

PROSTMATE is developed by our technology partner Fidget Friend:

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We are excited to announce that PROSTMATE has been shortlisted for two innovation awards